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How do I register?
To register, please visit our website at and click on the "Sign Up" button at the top right or you may click on this URL - and go straight to the registration page.
Are there any fees for registration on the FinHero platform?
No registration fee will be charged.
How can I correct the wrong input of information?
If you are still at the setup process, you may redo the setting up of your account. Alternatively, you can contact our Support Team by writing to us at for assistance.
How many invoices can I submit?
There is no limit on the number of invoices submitted if their total value does not exceed your approved credit line.
Will the buyer be aware of my submission?
We recommend that you notify your buyer prior to any invoice submission. Upon successful invoice submission we will contact your buyer and inform them that your company has requested to assign the invoice to us. Your buyer will need to agree to this by signing a Notice of Assignment.
How much can I be funded?
This will be derived from the credit review of your submitted documents. You will be assigned a revolving credit line to serve your needs for a certain period of time. You can be funded up to the credit line allocated.
What is revolving credit?
Revolving credit means that your credit limit is automatically renewed as invoices are paid off. For example, you have obtained approval for a RM50k limit. Two of your invoices each valued at RM20k are being processed in the Finhero platform. During processing the allowed credit will have dropped to RM10k; any invoice above this amount would not be approved. As payments are made for the outstanding invoices, the credit limit can proportionally increase again up to the approved RM50k, allowing you to then process new invoices.
How do I receive funds once my application has been approved?
You will receive your funds via bank transfer from Finhero once your application has been approved. The funds will be transferred to you according to the bank details you filled at registration.
How many days does it take to get funded?
Once everything is in order and a credit line has been allocated, it will take no less than 48 hours (business days) to receive your funds.
What will happen if my buyer continues to default with payments?
You will be subject to pro-rated late payment charges. In certain cases, you will be required to repurchase the invoice from us in full.
Can I withdraw my application after submission?
Yes, you can withdraw your application after submission. In this instance please contact us immediately by writing to us at for assistance.
How are buyers added?
Buyers can be added in the Invoice tab > Upload New Invoice and then choosing Add Customer in the Customer Name dropdown list.
What is the Platform Fee?
The Platform Fee is charged for the service provided on our platform for processing every invoice.


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