ID Verification helps banks provide a smooth customer onboarding experience that complies with KYC regulations and minimizes fraud risk.

FinAccess offers a reliable digital onboarding solution for identity verification via facial recognition that complies with KYC regulations.

In line with digital advancement, banks and financial institutions peruse ID verification tools to help ensure a smooth customer onboarding experience, as well as enhance accuracy of user identification, to minimise fraud risk.


Our solution automatically provides, in a matter of seconds:

Digital capture of customer information for instant auto-fill in enterprise data systems

Multi-channel identity document verification, with adaptable security levels

Customer authentication using biometric technologies

Customer risk assessment through the review of PEPs, sanction or watch lists



Get the same seamless onboarding experience across various devices and platforms

KYC Compliant

Our onboarding solutions are fully KYC compliant and integrated into existing framework

Backed by Experian’s renowned Decisioning engine

With advanced decisioning, leverage real-time insights to move at the speed of market

Built for Scalability

On-premises or on the Cloud, FinAccess is a flexible solution designed to integrate into your infrastructure

Continuous Improvement

Integrated reporting and analytic tools provide information needed to optimise each of the relevant processes

Industry Leading Security

Finheroʼs fully integrated security suite offers access to the marketʼs most robust tools for identity protection, fraud prevention and data management


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