FinDrive is an all-in-one digital financial solution that enables financial institutions to securely and accurately collect, track and obtain customer documents.
This Cloud-based solution benefits financial institutions, insurance providers, credit leasing companies and other organisations by centralising financial documents in a Cloud-based repository for swift access. It also allows for a quick solution implementation.
The collected documents are all encrypted via our digital backend systems, thus will be kept secured and confidential. The minimal human interaction involved in the document collection procedure minimises human error as well as reduces the time taken to manage and process financial product applications.


faced by financial institutions

Security of
personal data

Financial institutions currently receive documents via private emails, Google Drive, WhatsApp or other unsecured methods which may potentially lead to a personal data breach


Financial institutions are receiving both digital and physical documents through different channels and in various forms.


Financial institutions need to followup with customers multiple times to collect all relevant documents.

customer experience

Customers may experience different journeys when submitting personal documents to the same financial institution.


Highly secured, all-in-one platform for document collection

Highly secured platform to gather and streamline application documents from multiple channels. Customer documents are secured and encrypted.

Omnichannel, user-friendly, web-based platform

Customers can upload photos or scanned documents anytime, anywhere and from any device. They will receive a personalised document checklist based on the selected financial product required.

Send automated reminders

This solution features tools that automate communication between financial institutions and customers. Automated reminders to update incomplete documents can be sent to customers via this solution.

Unified experience

This solution also features permission-based access control for different users, with multi-level authorisation requested for document previews.



For consumers
and businesses

  • Document checklist
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Drag and drop uploads
  • Camera access
  • History logs and remarks
  • Automated reminders
  • Status updates

For 3rd-party partners and agents

  • Create applications
  • Secured document upload link
  • History logs and remarks
  • Advanced search features
  • Status updates
  • Dashboard and analytics

For financial institutions

  • Application preview
  • Secure document access
  • Progress monitoring
  • Dashboard and analytics
  • History logs and remark
  • Advanced search
  • Provide feedback to agents and sales teams

FinDrive also comes with its own Cloud-based collection software that manages and
keeps track of all your invoices without ever missing a customerʼs payment.

Less Hassle.
Gain More.

  • Automated payment reminders via SMS, emails, and phone calls to your customers.
  • Real-time and easy-to-read dashboard to visualise your collection activities
  • Comprehensive and detailed reports to forecast cash flow.

Grow Your Business.
Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Systematic collection schedules to increase your team productivity.
  • Cloud-based Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) collection solution that allows you to work even from home
  • Speed up the collection process and focus your energy on growing your business.

Personalise and Customise.
Track and Trace.

  • Personalise the methods you collect from your customers.
  • Track your customersʼ payment history records to understand their payment behaviour
  • Track expected payment dues to make the right action, to the right customer, at the right time.

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We also offer White Labeling and Customised Solutions
tailor-made for your business financial technology needs.