End-to-end digital collection


FinCollect is an end-to-end digital collection solution, offering a unique, holistic collections experience for businesses. 

Powered by FPX and eMandate (Direct Debit), Fincollect is a combination of a robust digital collections bringing impactful customer engagement and collection capabilities.


faced by financial institutions

Ensuring Payment is Made

Not every payment goes through immediately. Sometimes the waiting period can range from 1 day to 1 week.

Keeping Track of Payment

If your financial records are all over the place, keeping track of payments can be difficult. Fortunately Finhero's FinCollect can help you arrange all information on received payments.

Costly and Time Consuming

An efficient and effective collections process is important as it can help you maintain good relationship with clients, improve business' cash flow and cuts down timely tasks.


Collection from Multiple Banks

Recieve payments from your clients regardless of their bank.

Guaranteed Payments

Payments are conducted real time online, thus customers/merchants are assured of payment.


Businesses can collect payments from customers efficiently by debiting customers' bank account on recurring basis.


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