FinHeroʼs Propriety Credit Scoring engine that swiftly evaluates data points from various credit bureaus, bank statements, utility bills and other documents.

FinHeroʼs propriety credit scoring engine – FinScore helps your business by evaluating customerʼs credit data various credit bureaus and other documents in a matter of minutes.

FinScore compiles business and credit information into reports to be utilised by financial institutions, law firms and other relevant organisations and agencies. This advanced credit scoring engine and database is capable in offering financial institutions and relevant organisations with critical information on which to make the appropriate decisions when considering the approval of financial credit services. It also protects businesses and their customers from risks.


What FinScore delivers:

Strategy driven rules engine for dynamic decisioning

Data connectivity and enrichment to harness data across multiple sources

Automated process management for improved productivity and compliance

Automated process management for improved productivity and compliance

Flexible and modular for easy integration


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